Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lack of Goats Made me do it

A Swiss man speeding on a Canadian highway has made use of a age old ploy for being caught red hand - "passing the buck" - or in this case "passing the goat!" The traffic officer on the scene of the offence could hardly believe what he had to write in his notes. The Swiss driver said that he was taking advantage of the lack of goats compared to back home.
Behind this amusing incident is Adam's fallen response to guilt - The woman you put here with me - she gave me some fruit from the tree and I ate it. Eve also used the goat trick - the serpent deceived me and I ate.
Every evening on national news we hear the same goat trick - the circumstances made him do it...if they had more jobs there would be peace and harmony in the community.
And if truth be told it is something that comes so naturally to all of us.
Peace is not found in this age old strategy but coming clean with God - I did it. I broke your law and deserve your holy and righteous wrath. Having come clean with God we are then to go to Him for what we don't deserve - pardon. That is what God graciously gives to all who trust His Son - for He has paid the price, freely taken the punishment for law breakers like you and I.
So no more goating about. Plead mercy in Christ and it will be graciously given.

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