Thursday, January 10, 2008

Four Devotional Commentaries on Hebrews

There are a whole range of commentaries available for studying Hebrews. Over the past few months I have been easing myself into the book trying to get to grips with the themes and structures. I decided to start my studies at purely a devotional level. To that end I have over the past few months made my way through four of the devotional commentaries that are available.
A Glorious High Throne, Edgar Andrews, Welwyn Series, Evangelical Press
Hebrews, Walter Riggans, Focus on the Bible, Christian Focus
Hebrews - A Call to Commitment, William L. Lane, Hhendriksen Publishers
Hebrews, Hywel R. Jones, Let's Study Series, Banner of Truth
All of these light devotional commentaries are useful for quiet time studies but not for serious sermon preparation. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Lane is good for showing the overall structure of the book and how the sections link together. Riggans is useful for giving some of the Greek words at a very simple level. Jones I found least helpful though sound throughout. My favourite was Andrews A Glorious High Throne. An easy read, well broken up and helpful application. Excellent for personal devotions.

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