Thursday, January 03, 2008

No Little People Francis A. Schaeffer

Bought this book published by Crossway some months ago for a tenner and only now getting round to finishing it off. The book is a collection of Schaeffer's sermons -sixteen in all, which he preached at L'Abri in Switzerland. Some are better than others and most have those definite Schaeffer touches that open up unseen truths. The book is worth buying and reading for the last chapter, Ash Heap Lives. In this he challenges the reader to take a walk through a city dump - it is all the riches that people have wasted their lives gathering - don't waste yours.
This outing with Schaeffer has reminded me of student days at QUB back in the early 1980s when I first discovered Schaeffer and found his writings a lifeline amidst godless philosophy. I could hardly put down the small paperbacks: The God who is there, He is there and is not Silent, True Spirituality and The Church Before the Watching World. If you haven't read them yet - why not cash in a few selection boxes to some younger family member, return a few unwanted gifts to Next - gather the money and happy reading.

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