Monday, January 21, 2008

God's Man of Influence Book Review

God's Man of Influence, Jim George, Harvest House Publishers, £8.50

This is the first Jim George book that I have read. He and his wife seem to have a whole series. While initially it seems light and lacking in any substance it is a very genuine attempt to help men not to friter away their days but to do something with their lives. The book consists or 19 short chapters with a study sectin tagged on at the end. He covers a range of subjects: obedience, challenges, discipline, purpose, plan, temptation, serving, mentoring etc. While not the best written book in the world I found this thought prevoking and stimulating. It is a sort of 5 minute a day book, read a chapter on the bus book, take on vacation book. While a tad American in places Jim George has some helpful comments throughout. Useful to do as part of your daily devotions and also to study alongside someone. Best read with a pen and notebook and most especially on your knees confessing your sin and asking that God in His sovereign mercy would give you grace to make an impact for Him.

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