Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Comment - Worldliness - Resisting the Seduction of tha Fallen World Crossway

CJ Mahaney is the editor of this 191 page hard backed book. There are six chapters all of which are an easy read. CJ Mahaney himself writes the first one which challenges the reader if we are taking the scissors to our Bibles and cutting out the bits that we don't like. The following fives chapters each have different writers and cover subjects like: media, music, stuff, clothes and the final chapter on How to love the world. It is not meant to be an epic on the subject and despite the critical reviews that this little book has had I think that there is much here that is beneficial. One of the things that I like to do while I am reading a book is to see who the writers have been reading. The footnotes contain many of the big guns: Calvin, Owen, Kuyper, Murray. There is much that is practical and helpful, thought provoking and challenging. It would be a good book to work through with a youth group or your teenage children. There are discussion questions to get you going at the back. If you can cope with the odd Americanism like "pants" you will find benefit in reading this book. Teenage girls should find the chapter on God, My Heart and Clothes helpful in making sure that they have a God honouring wardrobe. Middle agers like myself will find the chapter on God, My Heart and Stuff humbling. The chapter on how to love the world provides a basic world view. I like his heading in this chapter - Enjoy the world, Engage the World and Evangelize the world.

Since the book cost me only the postage - a freebe - I can honestly say it was worth it. I will be giving it to my teenagers to read.

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