Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Prodigal God Timothy Keller

Although a tenner might seem a bit much for a 139 pages book this is a tenner well spent. This nicely packaged hard back small book is the latest to come from New York pastor Tim Keller. The book is a heart touching mind stirring comment on the well known parable that we often call the parable of the Prodigal Son. The book is made up of seven short chapters all with something to catch the eye of the person not yet a Christian and also the believer wanting to understand the Words of Christ more clearly. The book is a little gem that reflects new insights on to the well known parable and making the subtle conclusion that most have missed the point. Keller's basic premise is that there wasn't simply one lost son but two. It is a heart probbing read. The book contains all Keller's usual hereos, namely CS Lewis, Luther, Edwards, and Bonhoeffer.

If you are really wanting to see your own heart and love the older brothers around you this book is a must. This book helped me to see why perhaps in over 14 years of preaching there have been so few conversions through my preaching. My preaching has all been focussed on the younger sons while the vast majority unbelievers I have preached to are more likely the older son type.

I you really love your family and friends all your head scratching as far as seasonal presents is over. Buy them this and give the family gathering conversation some more substance. Discussing this will be of much more value than talking abot the latest wii game.