Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Holiness of God R.C. Sproul

I had been keeping this for my holiday read. I wanted something to prime the pump of my daily devotions, something to stir me when I was tired and weary. This little classic didn't let me down. Eleven chapters of clear and concise Biblical teaching on the holiness of God and how this touches down in our lives. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this was to read. Each chapter carefully crafted and climaxing in a corker of a chapter on holy space and holy time. It is one of those books that deserves a second read with a highlighter pen just to really take in some of Sproul's mind capturing one liners.
Each chapter concludes with 5 or 6 appropriately stimulating questions which would be useful not only for person study but also for group discussion.
I was glad to find that this book was so good because I bought a box full on the recommendation of a friend. If you would like a copy - I am happy to pass one (a book and not a box) on to you the next time we meet - just ask.

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