Saturday, July 31, 2010

CrossTalk Michael Emlet

Yet another from the CCEF stable. The book is subtitled "Where life and Scripture Meet." And that is really what it is about - how to take the Word and rightly apply it to the lives of men and women that we counsel. The book is hammering out the historical redemptive approach to the Scripture. The author is keen that we don't just use the usual familiar texts but that we learn how to use the narrative portions as well. The eleven chapters are well peppered with practical examples, if not templates showing how to press the Word into people's lives in a life changing way.
Once more this an excellent book not only to have on your counselling bookshelf but to have read and taken in. To help on the intake - each chapter ends with a good selection of questions which a well thought out. I found the book helpful in applying the Scripture to my own life and how to apply it to others - both in preaching and counselling.

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