Saturday, July 03, 2010

Seeing with New Eyes David Polinson

Another classic from the CCEF stable. This masterpiece by leading CCEF counselor David Powlinson does what it says on the page - seeing with new eyes. His book divides into two basic sections. The first ties 6 chapters together under the theme "Scripture opens Blind Eyes." A number of these are basic exegesis and application of Scripture passages. The latter section of the book, comprises 9 chapters under the theme of "reinterpreting life." In this section Powlinson deals with many of the unbiblical counseling ideas that many Christians have imbibed.
Any one wishing to develop more pastoral counseling into their preaching should read the first section and anyone wishing to help people out of the fog of much modern day counseling should read the second section. That means it's a must for anyone in pastoral ministry.

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