Thursday, August 05, 2010

FACEBOOK Stop wasting your life!

This is a call to all RP young people, and perhaps not so young people, who are obsessed with social networking sites.
GET OFF FACEBOOK. I could be more balanced and say - limit your time - but I reckon that for many it is gobbling up your time and there is only one option - flee.
Work it out - how many hours are you spending a week - chatting to friends and acquaintances about absolutely nothing - where you have been, where you are going, what you are wearing? Does it really matter! Is there not something more beneficial that to you could be obsessed with. Why not finish that Christian book that you started three months ago and ought really to have been finished in three days, or visit that elderly person who is so lonely in your neighbourhood.
If you want to use face book -go ahead - but fill it with what matters - not your latest holiday snaps, your latest gadget or clothing - fill if with what you are learning about King Jesus and the things you have been discovering about Him. Fill up your pages with - how can I reach my friends and family?
And you guys who read this - if you are frittering away your time on face book - catch yourself on - isn't there something more manly that you could be doing. Isn't there someone you could disciple?
You see Facebook and every other thing like it is the world's empty shell of the privilege that God gives us to be really involved in other people's lives. We are not to be peeping from a distance - but right up close and personal pressing the life changing word of Jesus Christ into one another's lives. Think of the millions of Christians who must be on face book - hour after hour. Think of the work of the kingdom that could be done if it was invested in making disciples.
Before you sign off take a look and listen to this:

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Philip Dunwoody said...

Seems we're of one mind David, pretty much!

Thanks for your post. I enjoyed getting to know another young McCullough this week at BDC!

Phil D