Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Depression - the stubborn Darkness Ed. Welch

Whether you are someone who suffers from depression, has someone in your family under this dark cloud or are involved in counselling and pastoring, this classic of Ed Welch's is a must. The book is set out in four parts: Depression is suffering; Listening to depression; Other help and advice and Thinking God's thoughts. Welch's approach is Biblical and therefore balanced. As a counsellor of many years the author is obviously drawing on a host of experiences to flesh out the theory. As a teacher committed to the Scripture the writer is making it clear that the answer is not in the pills alone, but much deeper, in having the Word of God shape every corner of the mind.
This book will not only help someone trapped in the spiral of depression and those helping others but will also serve as an inoculation against this debilitating condition.

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