Saturday, October 02, 2010

God's passion for His Glory - John Piper

This book has the appropriate sub title, "living the vision of Jonathan Edwards." In this book Piper is introducing the reader to Edward's classic "The end for which God created the world." This book is really Piper explaining why he thinks the way that he does regarding the glory of God and the joy we all need.
The book divides neatly into two - the first half is Piper's summary of Edward's book with lots of helpful hints on how to read the latter half of the book with profit. The second half is Edward's masterpiece itself. Piper does a super job in breaking up the text of Edward's book into short readable sections and also inserts some explanations to assist the reader getting in to the groove of Edwards style. Most readers will have no difficulty reading Piper's half of the book, and there is much there to glean. The second half, i.e. Edwards book, is much more of a challenge. The first half of "The end for which God created the world" is quite philosophical and I have to confess that much went over my wee head. But the second part of Edward's book is by and large quotations from the Scripture which I hope went into me head. If you read it and grasp it all be sure to send me a summary. As I struggled with the paragraphs I plodded on remembering what Piper says early in the book - if you are just reading books that you understand you will never learn anything. To learn and grow it is better to be grappling with things just out of reach.
Any young men out there thinking of the ministry who haven't read any Edwards - it is time that you did. If I could wind the clock back 30 years I would give myself to reading Edwards day and daily. All his works are now available online. If you don't want squinty eyes the Yale volumes are now available in paperback. Though there does seem to me something a bit odd about reading such a heavy weight in paperback.

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