Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Death of Henry Morris

On Monday 27th March The Times carried an extremely informative obituary of Henry Morris who died February 25th aged 87. Here was an extremely intellectual man who had no trouble believing what the Bible said about Creation. He was a graduate in civil engineering with a particular interest in hydraulics. As a child Henry Morris had no interest in the things of God. When the Spirit of God opened his eyes to the truth of the gospel he accepted the Bible as the infallible and literal word of God. With his interest in hydraulics and belief in the Bible he had a particular interest in the details of The Flood. He was author of over 60 books dealing with the Bible and science. His book The Genesis Flood was once described as the founding document of the creationist movement. One note in the Times obituary surely shows the measure of the man. On one occasion he was engaged in a debate with a professor of biology who later desribed him as, "unfailingly polite, a real gentleman and a person who was a sincere and committed Christian." It is that spirit of grace and humility that we need today as we respond to the agenda of the world that would seek to knock Christ the Creator from His throne.

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