Monday, March 06, 2006

Dispatches - The New Fundamentalists

Tonight Channel 4 continued its attack on evangelical Christianity in Rod Liddle's "The New Fundamentailsts." The journalist was all guns blasting on the Christian faith. It would be easy to become angry at the smug and offensive efforts of Mr. Liddle, especially when he lambasted six day creationist as some sort of backward Hill Billies. His arguments throughout his diatribe were weak and flawed. But his programme was such an encouragment. We were reminded of the truth of the Word of God - that men hate the truth. How encouraging to hear of an increasing number of Christians committed to six day creation. How encouraging to hear Christians say that homosexuality and sex before marriage are sins to be repented of. How encouraging to hear that evanglical Christianity is on the rise and that Christian based schools are amongst the best in the UK. In the end I felt nothing but sorrow for Mr. Liddle - his whole manner in complete contrast to the gracious and clear comments of those who uphold truth and righteousness.
Once again even God's enemies serve His purposes.

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Robbie said...

Pastor McCollough,

It is good to see that you are well (by the fact you are blogging now). I trust you and your family are well, it has been far too long since i have been over there. Steven keeps me updated with all the happenings at Faughan.

In Him,
Robbie Schmidtberger