Friday, March 03, 2006

Nearly Right but So Wrong

David Beckam, football superstar turned Mystic Meg has this to say, "Something supernatural guides me, judges me. I feel there is a power watching over us, seeing what we do and taking care of us." Here is the mind of fallen man - so nearly right but so very far wrong. It is not a something that guides and judges - but the eternal God, that wonderful three in one God of the Scripture, the only true and living God. He is not a something - but "personal that is self conscious and self determining, living and active." He is the one in whom we live and move and have our being. He is the one who sees all things, nothing and no one hidden from His gaze. He is the one who delights to be the guide of sinners. He is the one who watches and keeps all who are in union with His Son. This great God sent His eternal Son to earth in the form of a man yet without sin. That wonderful God man, the Lord Jesus Christ willing laid down His life as a substitute for many. He died that sinners like you and me would have life, reconciled to the God we rebel from by nature.
David Beckham also says, "the life path of a soccer player is the best and most wonderful thing that could happen to you." Not so David. The best and most wonderful thing that can happen to you is to be so laid hold of by God that you see your sin, see the wonder of the Lord Jesus Christ, turn from your sin and trust in Him. It is the most wonderful thing to be saved, declared right with God, be forgiven, brought into the family of the living God, have a Father in heaven who guides and cares. It is the most wonderul thing to have a Saviour, who has been judged in our place that when we have that certain appointment with God that we will hear those words - you can go free - another has taken your judgement.
Who knows maybe in God's great grace many soccer players will come to know the wonderful life.

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