Monday, July 04, 2011

I Can Plod, John Appleby

This is a biography of the founder of modern mission, William Carey. It is not wonderfully written but the the power of Carey's life shines through all the same. It is one of those biographies that you will need to read with a pen and paper - the lessons just pour forth. Appleby has a great grasp not only of the life and work of Carey but also provides a thoughtful assessment of the times in which Carey laboured. One thought keeps striking me when I read this book - where are the Carey's of today? Where are the men and women with a passion for reaching the unreached? The lessons from the life of Carey are legion:
1. the Lord blesses hard work.
2. Persistence is vital in the work of the kingdom.
3. To reach the lost great effort will be required.
4. To mission effectively in a different culture a well integrated team is required.
The writer makes a mistake on page 198 - he says in a footnote the word for baptise always means immerse - that is very much disputed.

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