Monday, July 11, 2011

Lament for a son, Nicholas Wolterstorff

This little gem published by Eerdmans is simple and honest expression of the grief of a father for his son who died in a climbing incident. Each page has the outpouring of a grief stricken father. These personal accounts of one man's wrestling with God will help any who grieve to articulate the agony of their own heart. These are brave and thought provoking musings of a father who obviously loved his son very deeply. There is an obvious progression in the book as the father moves from the dark reality of loss to the hope of the resurrection.
There is one area that gives concern in the writings of this father. In several places he would appear to over state the suffering of God as he speaks of God's pain and the anguish of God. While there is no doubt that the God of the Bible understands us perfectly and the God man on the throne of heaven has experienced all that we face we need to take great care not to attribute to God dimensions of our character that may not be the same for one who never changes. I wonder if the writer is straying towards the error of patripassianism. With this significant caveat this book will be of help to any in the midst of grief.

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Daniel Ritchie said...

Thanks for posting this; I heard the author give a lecture at Queen's recently, but did not realise he wrote books at a popular level.