Monday, July 04, 2011

Taming the Tiger, Tony Anthony

Someone gave me this book as a freebie and like all freebies it sat in my desk for a while, after a few months was put on a shelf and then on a tidy up nearly got dumped. For some reason having put it in the waste paper basket I retrieved it and thought - I will give this a read. And what a read! It is the biography of Tony Anthony, three times world king fu champion. Not the sort of biography I usually go for. I was struck by the mercy and power of God to save and to keep those for whom Christ died. I was reminded that as believers we have a great deal of growing to do and God is faithful even when we fall. I was struck by the grip of grace that God has on His children. I was struck as to how the Lord delights to use his people in bringing others to faith.
Well worth the read. Authentic publisher.

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