Saturday, July 30, 2011

Towards Spiritual Maturity, William Still

An old proverb says that good things come in small packages. This 6o page book by the late William Still proves the case. The book comprises seven short chapters covering the work of Christ and growing in the Christian life. As it says on the recommendations on the back page it is one of those books to be read and reread. There is help here for the young Christian and the maturer believer. It is classic Still, cross centred, God honouring, heart warming and life changing. The chapter on the armour of God is especial helpful.
If you find them cheap on the internet or a box lurking on a bookshop floor and can get them for a good price buy and give away. It is published by Christian Focus.
Here is a quote to whet your appetite, God is the only worker, for all that we do in Him is by His power. Those who seem to serve Him and fight for Him must be morally, intellectually and emotionally convinced that all the glory is His, and that the uncreated God will never share His sole prerogative with His creatures. What He shares are His blessings, and the man in Christ can have His fill of them - certainly more than He seeks. p55
Loads available on Amazon or for those with a Kindle

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