Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Planting for the Gospel

This small book written by Graham Beynon and published by Christian Focus is a little primer to church planting.  It comprises 120 pages divided into six chapters:
1. Reasons for planting a church
2. Different models for planting a church
3. Deciding on a model
4. Different methods for church planting
5. Key issues in church planting
6. The early days of planting
I can't say that I benefitted greatly from this book as what he covers is stated elsewhere. Like most church planting books it lacks Scriptural rooting throughout.  The final chapter recounts brief historical sketches of a host of different types of plants.  These are quite interesting.  Though one point did irk me - that someone had a "prophetic word" about the growth of City Church in Dundee. Seems to me that Jesus made all the prophecy about church planting that we need - I will build My church.
In conclusion save your £4.00 for something better and more Biblically rooted.
When will someone write something useful on planting - like Church planting in Acts - that would be worth buying.

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