Monday, December 03, 2012

The Last Enemy

Michael Wittmer's book subtitled "Preparing to win the fight of your life," is to help the believer die well.  Since every single person reading this post is dying you should read this.  The book comprises twenty three short chapters filled with Scripture and pastoral insights.  It is winsomely written, clearly connecting with the big issues around the theme. It is candid and compassionate, clear and concise and above all Christ centred.  All of these things make is so very suitable for the believer who has been sent and arrow from heaven to say that they will soon be required in the Master's house.
This is the book that you can give to that Christian friend who has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  But more than that read it yourself and live in the light of it.
I can't recommend this little volume too highly.  A master lesson in pastoral theology.

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