Friday, December 28, 2012

The Gospel and Sexual Orientation

Well what could you get packed into 67 pages on such a subject?  Basically everything you need to know on the matter of sexual orientation and the Bible.  At least that is what Michael Lefebvre the editor of this masterly volume has managed.  The booklet is the work of the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America as they attempted to give guidance to the congregations they served.  "Compassionate scholarship" is the style of this booklet that should be in every Christian home in the western world.  The booklet comprises six main chapters.  The first chapter helpfully sets out the terminology stating clearly where all the words come from. In chapter two the writers set out clearly what the Bible says about the doctrine of man.  The third chapter deals sensitively and sensibly with present day pattern of speaking of gender patterns. The matter of principles for handling the Bible texts is addressed in chapter four before the main chapter five where the various passages are clearly and accurately expounded.  The book ends with a sixth chapter offering pastoral counsel and an extended bibliography.
For too long too many Reformed Christians have been in the dark on this matter.  That need no longer be the case.  Buy in bulk and give to your congregation.

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