Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you Keeping the Sabbath - are you Reaching out?

Struck recently by a wonderful little phrase of Charles Hodge (Systematic Theology III:330) "If men wish the knowledge of [Jesus resurrection] to die out, let them neglect to keep holy the first day of the week; if they desire that event to be everywhere known and remembered, let them consecrate that day to the worship of the risen Saviour."
He has got it in one. Look at the mess of our nation and the state of the churches - is Sabbath breaking not at the heart of the issue? The gospel languishes in so many parts of these islands. So many Christians are emaciated and weak with neither energy or desire to share the good news - and all because of a broken Sabbath. When Christians hold this day sacred to the Lord, for His work and worship then this pagan world can't help but notice.
Why do you not play your sports? Why do you not do your shopping? Why do you not do your studying? Why do you not do your usualy work? Why do you not do your visiting and partying? Why do you go to worship at your church morning and evening? The answer is so simple - THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS BEEN TO THIS EARTH, HE HAS DIED FOR SINNERS, GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK AND I HAVE NO DESIRE FOR ANYTHING ELSE BUT TO CELEBRATE HIS GREAT AND GLORIOUS NAME AND WORK.
So don't be sucked in by the cunning schemes of the devil to have a day doing your own thing, lying in your pit, recovering from a busy week, it is to be the wonderful rest of change and a day totally for Him. Try it and you will see that a day given to Him. A day given to His worship, publicly and privately, a day given to prayer and study of the Word. Not only will you be well sabbathed but the change in you may well mean that others will be pointed more to the one who gives ultimate rest.

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