Monday, February 25, 2008

"Nothing is Predestined in Politics"???

BBC correspondent Jim Fitzpatrick commenting recently on the ogoing saga of the Paisley dynasty made an interesting passing comment that most will simply nod in agreement to. "Yet - apologies here to Calvinists for I don't mean this in the theological sense - nothing is predestined in politics."
Obviously Mr Fitzpatrick has spoken with a few Calvinists in his day but he has not been listening correctly or they have been rather feeble Calvinists. Of course we understand the sentiment behind the comment, namely that things are so unpredicable in the political arena. But what every man, woman and child and indeed every politician needs to know, including the Paisley dynasty is that they only hold power so long as they serve the purposes of the sovereign Lord, King Jesus.
Who knows what purposes the Lord has in the sham of Stormont, but one thing is for sure, everything is predestined in politics. A simple reading of the latter part of Daniel proves that beyond all doubt - that the Lord sets in place whoever He wills and when they have served His purposes they pass from the scene. In fact one of the primary emphasies of Daniel is that every system that sets itself up in opposition to the ways of the King of kings will in due course w crumble and come tumbling down. Mr. Fitzpattrick like all of us needs to know that everything is predestined in politics, we can rest in peace knowing that He has purposes even in shambolic situation of Stormont. So often the work of God is a mingling of judgement and mercy. And in our political situation perhaps the judgement is - this is just the sort of governing mess that we deserve - while in mercy and grace we have a measure of peace when the gospel can flow freely.

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