Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thought of Anything for Your Grave Stone?

Yesterday morning I went to hear Pastor Geoff Thomas giving a guest lecture at the Reformed Theological College. Many of the things that he said about pastoral ministry were most helpful and stimulating. He gave seven points on how to preach and pastor in the 21st century:

1. Humbly thank God that you have been called to the ministry.

2. Love your people.

3. Seeking the Annointing of the Holy Spirit.

4. Don't rest without success in your ministry.

5. Live a holy life.

6. Be a man of prayer.

7. Preach the gospel.

All the points were excellently illustrated from his own experience of the ministry and with accounts from history. But it was the little asides that caught me mind.

At the close of the address he recounted what he would like placed on his grave stone, "God created me, sin ruined me, grace restored me." Just nine words to keep on preaching the glorious gospel of Christ when the preacher has passed from this earth.

If the Lord tarries after we leave this earthly scene some will visit our graves, some may even shed a tear at the parting, some will come to cut the grass, some will come researching a family tree, some just looking for solitude. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone was pointed to Christ from the place on this earth where our mortal remains were resting in the earth, still joined to Christ and awaiting His coming.

So why not do some thinking so that though you being dead yet still speaketh.

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