Monday, February 04, 2008

Suicide - When Hope Seems Gone

A recent BBC report gave the tragic information that 900 young men take their lives in the UK every year. For young men between 18-30 it is the second most common way to die. The National Director for mental health noted that we have an "epidemic of young male suicide." Many have presented their opinions concerning these sad statistics. Some say that men are conditioned from childhood not to share their feelings and never come looking for help. While there may be some truth in that it is hardly the underlying reason. Prof Appleby, the National Director for mental health is surely getting closer when he comments "they have lost their ties to society, work, family and friends." But again is this the root reason?

In many of the tragic cases where people take their own lives the cry is one of despair, all hope seems gone. Now why would people think that way? Could it be that the ongoing attempts of society to do away with God has left this haunting vacuum of despair. If there is no God, there is no truth, there is no right and wrong, no purpose, no future. That is where the godless educational system of our day has taken our society.

But for the person over come with feelings of all hope being gone they need to know that there is one who brings hope. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. When He walked this earth often He mingled with the no hopers of this world, the despised and the lonely, the forgotten and the failing. He made a wonderful offer to such people, Come to Me and I will give you rest. With the Lord Jesus Christ men and women are made into new creations, made part of a wonderful new society, given a new family of the church. All who trust in Him to deal with their sin He promises to give hope and a future to. All who come to Him and follow Him He promises never to leave nor forsake. So if you read this and you are feeling that all hope is gone, be assured that it is not - for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever.

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